Wedding Display Rentals

Wedding Display Rental Info

Flower Wall Selfie Station

Dimensions H 86”x L 85”’x W 8”

Construction: 2×4 Frames that sit in a base, hand painted white with chicken wire stapled to frame, silk flowers attached to the chicken wire. Only meant to stand on level ground!

Pricing: $100/day. Price includes delivery, set up, and pick up.

Custom Cupcake/Appetizer Display

Dimensions: Each Crate: L 18″ x W 12.5″ x H 9.5″ 6 crates available, Dimensions of tower set up as pictured: L 60”x W 14”x H 39”

Construction: Hand painted off-white, custom beadwork on top edge of each crate, rice lights and tulle in the back of each crate.

Pricing: $50/day flat rate for up to 6 crates. Each crate holds approximately 21 cupcakes on the inside, depending on the arrangement more can be stacked on the tops as well. Price includes delivery, set up, and pick up.

Holy Matrimony Donut Wall

Dimensions- 68”x 39.5”

Construction: 53 removable dowels that hold a total of 106 donuts.

Pricing: $50/day includes delivery, set up, and pick up.


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